Waste Handling

We will gladly take on your daily transportation works within the production frame, with forklifts, tractors, or other industrial trucks.

Saar Industrie Service GmbH offers a full sorting and disposing service for your waste. If required, we provide appropriately trained driving personnel and arrange the in-house waste handling, i.e. organise transport of waste from production line to disposal sites, including sorting of waste.

Our professional team is happy to provide safe and reliable transfer solutions.

Oldtimer Restoration

Although a patina is part of an oldtimer’s unique charm, to guarantee the longevity of your collector’s item, it needs to be maintained and taken care of appropriately. We offer mechanical repairs, preventive maintenance and a complete restoration of your oldtimer. With help of our diverse blasting service, we can remove layers of old paints and rust, and slightly ground the surface. If desired, our in-house painter will make your car shine bright like newly bought.

Special Works

We will take over various daily works such as pruning of trees, maintaining of lawns or flower beds, or minor janitorial services, to enable you to focus on your core business.

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