Industrial Service

The strategic planning, maintaining and smooth operation of industrial plants is a challenge. We support you by taking care of the necessary cleaning and maintenance of your facilities and inventory. By doing this, we create the ideal conditions for you to maximize efficiency and productivity.
Our employees’ technical knowledge and high flexibility can facilitate a smooth execution of all your future projects. After all, reliability is in our nature.

Machine Cleaning

Saar Industrie Service GmbH offers a professional cleaning for your industrial machines. To optimize the service, we rely on high-quality, modern equipment and thoroughly trained professionals. Our full service also includes changing of oil or other fluids after the cleaning, as well as TPM-cleaning. Our services not only provide a clean and trustworthy impression, but also help maintain your machines and retain their values. Thus, regular cleaning and maintenance of your machines guarantee their life span.

Fluid Management and Maintenance

To warrant the longevity of your machines, minor maintenance must be performed regularly, ideally after cleaning. Our team will gladly maintain your machines as well as check the fluids. We dispose, clean and rinse out cooling systems and fill up cooling lubricants along with their systems. Fluid management can done separately or in combination with our machine cleaning services.

Hall Floor Cleaning

We take care of the routine cleaning of runways and driveways at your production sites. In order to do so, we rely on state-of-the-art cleaning techniques and equipment. For example, we use HAKO cleaning machines and environmentally friendly cleaning products to meet your requirements. Additionally, our trained and experienced professionals also offer new coating of floor coverings or pavement markings to increase workplace safety standards.

Ceiling / Wall Cleaning

Our ceiling and wall cleaning portfolio includes intensive cleaning of concrete and trapezoid (leaning) surfaces, as well as all other components of your facilities. We also specialise in the cleaning of crane systems, supply lines, cable conduits and lighting conduits. With the help of special lifting and work platforms, great heights or wide areas pose no obstacle for us.

Air Ducts Cleaning

We consider the cleaning of ventilation systems as one of the most important tasks in industrial cleaning. This process is not only important for the overall cleanliness of the facility, but also for health and safety standards. We offer internal cleaning of air systems, production facilities, coating lines, industrial sites and commercial kitchens, with follow-up disinfection when desired. We highly recommend the regular cleaning of air ducts, especially to prevent possible health hazards presented to your employees by dust, dirt or germs.

Steam Cleaning

The major advantages of steam cleaning lie in its sterile and thorough cleaning abilities, especially for spots that are difficult to reach. The special purifying power derives from steam temperature of up to 180°C, which have an antibacterial and disinfecting effect on the cleaned surface. Usually, no further cleaning chemicals are required, which is why this method is considered as particularly eco-friendly.

Dry ice blasting refrains from using ‘rough’ abrasives that scratch or damage the surface. Instead, it relies on the purifying force when dry ice is blasted with high pressure against the object.

During blasting, the contaminants are cooled down to -78°C and subsequently blown off by the airflow. This process leaves no residue since the dry ice sublimates into the atmosphere.

The distinct advantage of dry ice blasting is the absence of erosion on the workpiece, and thus fully preserve all mechanical or electrical components. With this method, it is possible to clean on the spot, without an inconvenient disassembling or cooling-off period. Dry ice is non-abrasive, non-flammable, non-conductive, and above all particularly eco-friendly that produces no secondary waste.

For our dry ice blasting, we use products from AMG-Tech GmbH, an affiliated company of Saar Industrie Service GmbH.

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