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Saar Industrie Service GmbH is your number one specialist in cleaning and service affairs. We work fast, thoroughly and effectively to support your business and reduce your downtime. After all, cleaning is not only about saving money, but also time.

We have gained numerous experiences throughout our years as a service company and are now well established in industrial as well as facility service. Today, we can proudly look back at year-long continuous work with well-known customers from various industrial fields, and look forward to counting your business among them.

Saar Industrie Service

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We continuously work on expanding our services and find ourselves often inspired by new contracts and customers. Our service company promises optimal service at low cost and we strive to assist you in your daily work, so you can focus on your core business.

Thus, we place high value on the regular schooling of our employees and support their growth and improvement. We at Saar Industrie Service are particularly proud of our diverse team; we use each other’s experiences to learn from another and strengthen the team spirit. Our trustworthy and reliable personnel is the foundation on which we build long and beneficial business relations. This is why our vision is always forward-looking, to advance your business and secure our employees’ jobs on a long-term basis. Our transparent working methods and fair prices speak for themselves.

We understand that the future is green. Therefore, we work with eco-friendly cleaning agents and produce no by-products that are harmful to the environment. We care for a responsible interaction with nature, as for example by fighting stubborn contaminant with dry ice blasting instead of strong chemicals. Our partners and customers appreciate the foresight.

May 2005

Foundation of Saar Industrie Service GmbH

The enterprise is build by three shareholders and starts out with merely three full time employees. The first, rather modest offices are situated in Neuforweiler and consist of only one office room.

May 2006

Takeover of shares by Graf and Alokaidi

In May 2006, the current CEOs Abduljabbar Alokaidi and Stephan Graf take over the shares of their third partner in equal proportions. This is the first step towards the independence of Saar Industrie Service GmbH.

September 2006

Move to Völklingen

Because of the growing increase in customers and orders, Saar Industrie Service GmbH is in search for a new home with more office and warehouse space. The search for a suitable accommodation eventually leads to Völklingen-Wehrden, where the newly rented premises span 130m2 and offer enough room for business.

June 2007

Steady increase in personnel

The business keeps growing while more and more renowned companies from Saarland and the surrounding area entrust their business to Saar Industrie Service GmbH. At this point, the company reaches the temporary peak of 50 employees – which is to be surpassed in near future.

July 2008

Introduction of dry ice blasting

In July 2008, Saar Industrie Service GmbH is among the first to introduce dry ice blasting into its service portfolio. This cleaning method is to this day in high demand in the industrial sector, thanks to its unique properties and practicality. The CEOs recognized the potential of this method early on and equipped their employees with the necessary know-how and machinery.

December 2010

Continued growth

For the first time in company history, the company’s turnover figures surpass the 1 Million mark in 2010. This result reflects the exceedingly positive development of Saar Industrie Service GmbH since its foundation in 2005.

July 2015

Purchase of property “Vorderster Berg”

In July 2015, the company completes the acquisition of the previously rented space in Völklingen’s industrial area Vorderster Berg. With this step, 250m² of office space, 500m² of hall facilities and approx. 3.000m² of outside space are transferred to Saar Industrie Service GmbH, an important step in the company’s development. The property now offers enough space for the entire office, parking, and storage needs, which is why the formerly rented storage space in Dillingen is no longer needed.

August 2015

Foundation of affiliated company AMG-Tech GmbH

As from August 2015, the two CEOs dedicate their time to the foundation of AMG-Tech GmbH, a company for the production and sale of dry ice. The aim is to not only cover the own dry ice needs, but also to offer the possibility of buying qualitative dry ice products from a nearby production site, an opportunity which was novel to Saarland’s industry businesses.

June 2016

Extension of our service portfolio

The recently acquired storage space offers the possibility for sand and glass bead blasting, thanks to its spray booth including the extraction system. With this step, Saar Industrie Service GmbH can extend its blasting services to round up the service portfolio. In addition to dry ice blasting, it can now offer a full blasting service for nearly all surfaces.

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